UX Design

Interactive design is an ever-evolving, exciting component of my professional experience. This work includes Adobe Acrobat interactive PDFs, visual web designs, WordPress sites, as well as, more recently, user-experience creations with InDesign’s online publishing feature.

UX Design: is an exciting new area of my work, specifically as it relates to the development of Adobe InDesign’s Online Publishing feature. This feature brings to the industry a brand new web-based, interactive tool which has a multi-device functionality. Online publishing can stand on its own, but it can also be embedded in a website or social media.

UX Visual Design: includes examples of projects I was charged with creating a visual look and feel for a client’s online presence after which their internal web team built the site.

UX Web Design: includes the design of WordPress-specific web sites requests. This portfolio was also created using WordPress.

UX Design Summary

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